Scott A. Bettin, CFA

Scott A. Bettin, CFA


Scott brings 40 years of investment management experience to the Cornerstone Portfolio Research team.  Scott has a BS in Business Administration and an MBA from the University of South Dakota.  He is also a CFA® Charterholder.  

Scott began his investment management career as a fixed-income portfolio manager with the South Dakota Investment Council. Next, he became a Senior Fixed Income Portfolio Manager at Investment Advisers, Inc in Minneapolis, MN, where he was responsible for a portion of $7 billion in fixed-income assets.  He then became a founding partner of Atlas Capital Management, a market-neutral hedge fund, followed by joining Whitebox Advisors, a hedge fund manager with nearly $2 billion in assets under management, as a portfolio manager and senior high yield bond and equity trader/manager.  Most recently, he has focused on investment-related issues including policy guidelines, performance benchmarks, asset allocation issues, and risk management.

Scott lives in a Minneapolis, MN suburb and he and his wife have three adult children. He loves volunteering at the local VA Medical Hospital, serving as an election judge, fishing, music, raising aquarium tropical fish, and walking his English Cocker Spaniel, Daisy.