What We Do

When you work with Cornerstone Portfolio Research, your firm has its own CFA® Charterholder. We provide customizable services and make it possible for you to scale your practice by outsourcing without disrupting your processes or client experience. We don’t require you to change your way of doing things as the big outsourcing firms do.

We do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on growing your firm and nurturing existing clients.

Investment Research

Outsource your portfolio research and enhance your investment process without changing your overall investment philosophy.

Cornerstone will be the extra hands on deck to refine and document your investment due diligence, ensuring your lineup of preferred investments are best of breed.  We can create or revise models that incorporate legacy holdings making sure your clients’ portfolio needs are met while you focus on things like financial planning, relationship management, and business development. We’ll communicate with you weekly and meet virtually with you and even your clients when needed.

With a simplified onboarding process, we can help you hit the ground running without disrupting your established processes.

Our research services are offered at a flat monthly fee based on your needs and preferences. We can also tackle special projects based upon a separate one-time fee.

Portfolio Management

When you work with Cornerstone, your firm has its own CIO and CFA® Charterholder, but you don’t have to raise equity to work with us. Plus, we work as a contractor, so you don’t have to pay your CIO a six-figure salary with taxes and benefits. You can even incorporate us into your succession plan if needed.

We won’t upend your investment strategy. Instead, we can refine and enhance what you’ve already been doing. We will work around clients’ existing holdings, allowing your firm to keep growing without client disruption. We can handle all the day-to-day trading, meeting prep, and report creation, freeing you up to expand your firm in new ways or allowing you to simply focus on the financial planning tasks you enjoy the most.

With any recommendations we make, you can be assured they are tax-sensitive and well-aligned with your investment philosophy and process. We can make adjustments over time, so your client’s experience gradual enhancement instead of completely ripping off the band-aid with dozens of trades.

Portfolio management services are offered on a flat basis point fee across your entire portfolio that varies with your needs and preferences.  Our fees range 5 to 20 bps for all-inclusive research and portfolio management, with many falling in the 5 to 10 bps range. With flexible support options, we can customize a package that meets both your needs and your budget.

With any recommendations we make, you can be assured they are tax-sensitive and well-aligned with your investment philosophy and process.

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We will act as your Chief Investment Officer, taking on a variety of tasks so you can grow your firm and nurture existing clients.

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