Who We Serve

Cornerstone Portfolio Research is an independent investment research and portfolio management firm that provides outsourced CIO services. We’ve developed our services around the following types of Advisors.

Bottom line: We are here to free up your time so you can do more of what you do best – serving clients.

Growing Advisors

As an owner with a growing practice, we know you’re pulled in many directions each day. Expanding your asset base, managing junior advisors, participating in client meetings, and keeping the business running take up much of your time – and that doesn’t even account for actual client work. Will you ever have time to grow your business if you’re always stretched so thin?

Maybe you’ve thought of outsourcing in the past but wonder if you have the time to commit to making the change. The task of orienting someone else can seem daunting. But when you work with Cornerstone Portfolio Research, outsourcing your investment management doesn’t have to be overwhelming at all.

At Cornerstone, we know just how valuable your time is and we can easily adapt to your processes so we don’t interrupt your flow. We provide portfolio management services that incorporate old legacy positions into current models, provide routine trading services to take that burden off your plate, and research novel investment ideas, as well as take over the model design/maintenance that you have already pieced together from previous sources.

We’re truly able to pick up where you left off without interfering with your client’s experience. To learn more about how we can help you manage your client’s portfolios, send us a message today.

Breakaway Advisors

Taking the plunge to step away from your wirehouse and strike out on your own is a huge decision. Maybe you decided to make the change because you love designing investment portfolios yourself, being hands-on with your clients, and providing a level of service that you simply can not do at a wirehouse. Perhaps you made this move because you’re tired of the lack of support from your wirehouse and the amount of revenue that goes to them.

If you’re ready to get your new RIA established, Cornerstone Portfolio Management can provide you the extra support you need during this transition. During this period, you’re going to be very busy with client meetings, developing your business plan, and helping clients understand the value of working with you as an independent firm. You may be used to the back office handling many of the tasks that you are now responsible for – from the nuts and bolts of portfolio trading to researching new investments, etc – but now these tasks are on your plate along with everything else.

Cornerstone Portfolio Research can help you reach your business goals and scale your practice from the ground up by creating and implementing customizable investment models that will allow for scale across your client base as well as documentation for your compliance needs. We can provide trading services to replace what you are used to having done by your back office, and we can even be your firm’s Chief Investment Officer without the obligations that come with a normal W-2 employee all while creating more value for your clients as you go independent.

Planning Advisors

As a financial planner, you likely spend a lot of time helping your clients with retirement planning, managing risk, tax planning, and evaluating estate or trust needs. Managing your clients’ investment portfolios may also fall in your space. Whether you manage the portfolios yourself, leverage technology that helps you fill the gaps, or even refer it outside, there may be a better way. What if instead of sending clients away or struggling to implement complex and time-consuming strategies, you could instead work with a chief investment officer? And you could do this without hiring another W2 employee or spending more time finding someone to refer your clients to.

At the end of the day, you’re a business owner who needs to drive more revenue from your business. What if you could bring someone else in house to help you quickly scale your business without the disruption of implementing entirely brand new processes?

At Cornerstone Portfolio Research, we know how important it is to you to keep your business growing and keep your clients happy. We can help you craft the right message and approach to best communicate how you handle their investment needs. We offer investment expertise and can even work directly with your clients if needed. We provide an experienced and mature CIO that will give your clients confidence about working with them. We’ll provide and implement a turnkey investment program for you, and we’ll document the program’s investment philosophy, process, and ongoing due diligence to support your compliance needs.

Overwhelmed Advisors

Being the founder of an advisory firm will keep you busy. You may find yourself constantly putting out fires and working in a reactive state rather than a proactive one, and unfortunately, sometimes that mindset can spill over into your work on client accounts. With all this on your plate, it may be hard to imagine how you will ever have time to retire and pass your firm along to someone else!

Volatile markets and uncertain times can lead to anxious clients, which may lead to ad-hoc portfolio adjustments to appease them. Limited resources may constrain your due diligence efforts, and even lead to performance chasing. When you can’t get ahead of the work, you might start to feel like your portfolios are all over the place. Investments that were once best in class may have quietly stumbled, camouflaged by the hectic pace of the firm’s day to day operations, eventually leading to unhappy clients.

When you work with Cornerstone, we can help you get your portfolios organized and answer your questions about the market from an investment manager’s perspective. We can help you put systems in place that help you grow your firm and save you time without overhauling the processes you already use. Cornerstone can conduct due diligence on your top 50 holdings and identify replacements where needed so that you can know you’re recommending your clients their best options. We can create and implement investment models that create structure and scale across your investment portfolios. We’ll create workflows within your CRM to implement structure within client meetings and trading, saving you time and making your work more efficient.


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