Why Choose Us?

Cornerstone Portfolio Research is an independent portfolio management and investment research firm in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania. We serve clients all over the U.S. and aim to make outsourcing as easy as possible for our clients.

We believe you should have access to all the benefits of working with a CIO and CFA® Charterholder without the headache or client disruption that usually comes along with the outsourcing. We’ll help you with back-office tasks so you can focus your time doing what you do best.

What’s in it for you: 

  • You don’t have to give up equity to hire a CIO.
  • You don’t have to pay the CIO a six-figure salary plus taxes and benefits.
  • You don’t have to raise your client fees to afford us. We keep our CIO fees low, ranging from 5 to 20 bps, with many falling in the 5 to 10 bps range.
  • You can keep your current custodian because we are custodian neutral.
  • You don’t have to make big changes to your investment strategy.
  • You get research and investment models customized to your investment approach – not cookie-cutter.
  • You don’t have to re-paper your clients, transfer assets, or establish new accounts.
  • Your clients will not feel disrupted because we make changes over time.
  • Our process is tax-aware whenever we recommend changes.
  • We provide high-level communication to you on a weekly basis.
  • We can conduct virtual meetings with you and your clients as needed.
  • All of our services are white-labeled with the name of your RIA.
  • We can be listed on the Our Team page of your website.
  • We can solve your problem with succession planning.
  • You will have access to a full-service CIO during normal business hours.
  • If you have one-off needs we can help you with that too.
  • You’ll be partnered with a CFA Charterholder, a well-regarded industry designation.

You get research and investment models customized to your investment approach – not cookie-cutter.


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